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O.C.R. Work

O.C.R. Work

We do these kinds of work at Osaka Coat Rope Co., Ltd.

Coating Processing

Coating materials:Nylon resin (various grades), polyurethane resin, polyethylene resin, enamel paint, vinyl chloride paint, etc.
Coated articles: Metallic wire (single wire, select wire, electric wire, etc.), fibers
Coating thickness: 0.03mm ~ 0.30mm resin coatings and 1μ-level special coating are possible.

Coating extruder
Coating extruder

Wire Drawing Processing to Make Thick Materials Thin

We can manufacture metal wire in thicknesses from 9μ (0.009mm) ~ 0.20 mm.
Small continuous automatic wire drawing machine
Small continuous automatic wire drawing machine

Intertwining Processing for Metal Wire and Various Materials

We can intertwine from 3 to 343 strands of wire and materials in accordance with the application.
High Speed Intertwining Machine/ Rigid-Type High Speed W-Twister

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