What We Do

We carry out integrated production in-house of all manufacturing processes from procuring materials to packaging the final product.

What We Do

At O.C.R., we primarily focus on the manufacturing of wire ropes made of stainless materials.
Our integrated in-house production system encompasses everything from wire drawing, to stranding, coating and terminal processing, which allows us to ensure quality control, and pursue manufacturing, research and development in line with customer needs.

Manufacturing Process

Procurement of materials

1Procurement of materials

We use carefully selected raw materials, primarily focusing on stainless materials (SUS304, SUS316L).

Wire drawing

2Wire drawing

We use a diamond wire drawing die to thin out thick wire rods in stages. We are capable of manufacturing wires as thin as 0.009mm (9 μm) to 0.20 mm.

Wire stranding

3Wire stranding

Using a seven-strand base configuration, we can strand stainless materials and other materials into a variety of configurations (tailored to customers specifications), from three strands up to 343 strands, according to the intended application. This is only made possible with the techniques passed on and improved upon over a 30-year period.
*Please contact us for more information concerning the use of other kinds of metals.




Polyamide resin (nylon 6, nylon 12) is extruded onto metal wires and fibers for molding and coating. O.C.R. is capable of resin coating at a thickness of 0.03 mm to 0.30 mm. We also provide color coating services upon request.



We dip enamel, polyurethane, and other dipping materials onto metal wires and fibers.

Quality inspection

5Quality inspection

Our specialist team of inspectors run a range of tests, including tensile strength, and external diameter measurements.



Products are always inspected and rewound manually by specialist inspectors while measuring the length of the final product.

Packaging and shipping

7Packaging and shipping

Each product is packed and shipped with care to ensure that the highest standard of quality products reach their destination on time.


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