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Message from the President

Yoshiaki Kanogawa Representative Director and President Osaka Coat Rope, Co., Ltd. We aim to make products and create an organization that can truly contribute to society.

We make ropes that are used in places you cannot see.
・Ultra-small rope for driving machines

We make strong ropes for places that are difficult to see.
・Ultrafine high-tension rope

We make bright ropes for places that can be seen
・ Color-coated rope for decorative use

It has been 21 years since the company was established in 1985. We have developed stainless steel rope and been able to approach the demands of customers by creating finer and stronger uniform manufacturing systems. The basic management philosophy of the company is “overall altruism”, the fundamental principle to obtain customer satisfaction. The world currently stands poised for great change. We have never and will never aim to develop as a company that merely pursues profit. Rather, we will aim at the creation of products and of an organization that can really contribute to society and to develop on a global scale, looking towards the world at large and also at the universe ahead.

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