Greetings from the President

We remain sensitive to customer needs as we endeavor to deliver new products that are truly sought out by all.

Ever since our founding we have remained steadfast in our determination to produce high quality ultra-fine wire rope products that deliver the ultimate in customer and user satisfaction.
From our initial focus on fishing products and control rope products since our founding, we have expanded our market scope to include accessory wire, construction wire, and wires for medical applications. While our products are used as a single material in each field, the performance required of each varies greatly depending on the application they serve. We will continue our tireless research and development efforts in the pursuit of further quality enhancements to deliver the quality standards required in each field, and by each customer.

Recently, the bar of quality required of our products has soared to new heights. We are working alongside public research institutions and universities to address quality challenges that would insurmountable if tackled alone.
We value taking on board other opinions, and resolving challenges with knowledge and creativity while never losing sight of our ambitions.
Although we are still a small company, we have exciting prospects for future growth.

Representative Director and President
Katsuya Tsutsui


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