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Research / Development

Research / Development

Leave research and development of new products and problems with wire rope products to Osaka Coat Rope.We respond to the requests of customers with all our power.

The company’s research and development over many years has enabled various types of processing involving precious metals, rare metals, special coatings and ultrafine special coatings for products used in fishing. Make sure to contact us if you are having any kind of trouble with wire rope or new product development projects. At Osaka Coat Rope, we exert ourselves with all our power towards the realization of answers to customer requests. Please feel free to inquire.
We respond to customer requests

Processing Example
We carry out all kinds of wire rope-related processing, including advanced processing and surface processing, etc.
 Microfiber wires
 Different materials
 Special coatings
 Metallic extra-fine lines

Our new facilities will enable various types of processing.
The development of wire products calls for highly precise testing and measurement. O.C.R. constructs systems that can respond optimally and flexibly to various types of evaluation and testing, enabling the provision of safe, high quality products.
2× Tensile Testing Machines
These machines inspect the tensile strength of wire
With this equipment, we can measure the tensile strength (BS, breaking strength) of wire rope, the wires used as materials for wire rope and assembled products after processing.

Shimadzu Autograph AG-IS (left)
Shimadzu Autograph AGS500B (right)

Digital Microscope
Digital microscopes are essential in high-precision wire manufacture.
We use digital microscopes that can enlarge to a maximum magnification ratio of 450~3,000 times.
Such microscopes have made it easy to solve very small problem points and causes of trouble that it has not been possible to see until now.

Keyence VH-Z450

7× Digital External Diameter/ Profile Measurement Devices
This equipment measures the diameter of a wire accurately.
This equipment measures the circularity of wire rope (rope damage measurement) and wire diameters without making contact.

2× Keyence LS3100

Decentration Measurement Equipment
This equipment measures external diameters, decentration and degrees of ellipticity precisely.
This equipment measures whether inner wires or wire rope has been placed in the middle of its coating material during coating processing.


For product orders, questions and consultation, please feel free to contact us at the number below.
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