Company Overview

Business activities and history of O.C.R., and access map.

Company Overview

O.C.R. is one of the few Japanese manufacturers that possesses advanced technologies across all fields, with an integrated production system that encompasses the drawing, stranding and nylon coating of ultra-fine stainless wiring. In addition to advancing technology, we are working on the development of new products with an increasingly diverse range of wire materials, wiring configurations, and coating materials to better meet the demands of each industry.

Patents: 16 (including patents pending)

Business Activities

  • (1) Provision of materials for medical devices
  • (2) Drawing, stranding, and coating of wire rope for fishing equipment and jewelry
  • (3) Drawing, stranding, coating, and terminal processing of wire rope for use as construction materials
  • (4) Business activities incidental to the above activities


Company name Osaka Coat Rope Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman Yoshiaki Kanogawa
Representative Director and President Katsuya Tsutsui
Head office/plant 3-5-22 Technostage, Izumi-shi, Osaka, 594-1144 Google MapsGooglemaps
R&D Center RF107 3-1-11 Technostage, Izumi-shi, Osaka, 594-1144
Phone 0725-51-1501
Fax 0725-51-1503
Capital 20 million yen
Established February 1985
No. of employees 40 (including part-time and casual workers/accurate as of March 2019)


October 1981 The Company was established in Sakai City, Osaka. The Company started operating independently by specializing in precision nylon coating of ultra-fine stainless wire ropes used for OA equipment (drive systems) and fishing.
August 1983 Expanded facilities and relocated to Wada-cho, Izumi City, Osaka in an effort to establish an integrated production system that encompassed wire drawing, stranding, resin coating, terminal processing, and finally shipping processes.
February 1985 The Company was incorporated as Osaka Coat Rope Co., Ltd. to expand the scale of the business.
April 2002 Established a new facility in Technostage, Izumi, and relocated the plant and business offices. Expanded the development of new products and business operations.
January 2005 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
November 2005 Expanded the Company facilities to accommodate an expansion in the business activities. Expanded the business facilities.
December 2005 Business innovation plan approved.
January 2010 Awarded the Excellent Company of Osaka Award.
January 2012 Used as a setting for an NHK drama production (Tightrope Woman).
July 2013 Selected under the FY2012 Manufacturing SME and Small/Micro Enterprise Prototype Development Subsidies Program.
November 2013 Established an R&D center as a building for research and development.
August 2014 Selected under the Amended FY2013 SME and Small/Micro Enterprise Support Program for Manufacturing, Commercial and Service Support.
May 2014 Selected under the FY2013 NEDO Innovation Commercialization Venture Support Project Program.
March 2016 Yoshiaki Kanogawa elected as Representative Director and Chairman.
Katsuya Tsutsui elected as Representative Director and President.

Access Map

Head office/plant

3-5-22 Technostage, Izumi-shi, Osaka, 594-1144


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