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Osaka Coat Rope


O.C.R. has a uniform production system from the drawing of ultrafine stainless steel wire to wire stranding and nylon coating processing and is actively engaged as one of the few manufacturers in Japan with advanced technology in each respective manufacturing area. We will continue to upgrade our technology in the future of course, and are also working on the development of new products including the diversification of wire materials, configurations and coating materials to respond to needs in various industries.

Patents: 8 (including patents currently under application), utility models: 2, design registrations: 1

Description of Business

(1) Drawing, stranding and coating of wire rope for use in OA equipment (drive applications)
(2) Drawing, stranding and coating of wire rope for use in fishing equipment and jewelry
(3) Drawing, stranding, coating and advanced processing of wire rope as construction materials
(4) Marketing work for Gripple products made by Gripple Limited of the UK
(5) Marketing work for Eco-tie products made by Exbanar of France
(6) All work supplemental to the business described above

Company name

Osaka Coat Rope, Co., Ltd.


Yoshiaki Kanogawa

Head office/ factory address 3-5-22 Techno-Stage, Izumi City, Osaka
Tel 0725-51-1501




\10 million


February 1985

Number of employees

35 (including part-time and casual employees)

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